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There are countless benefits to teaching a child to ride on kids bikes without training wheels, frequently referred to as balance bikes. The idea behind these unique training aids is to put the focus on balance and steering instead of pedaling.  A novel idea that’s also very practical and effective.

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The number one most important skill for learning to ride a bike is balance.  Almost no who has learned to ride a bike or taught their child to ride would dispute that fact.  If you can’t balance then you can’t ride.  So why do so many parents buy bicycles with training wheels that prevent their kids from testing and mastering balance?

Much of it is just tradition, but the truth is that there is a better way.  A kids bike with no pedals at all! 

The method has been popular for more than a decade in Europe and is now becoming commonplace in the United States.  Parents are discovering that balance bikes are a safer, faster and more effective way to teach kids how to ride a bike.  What’s more, they’re finding that they can begin teaching their child how to ride at a much earlier age with balance bikes.

This is because balance bikes are lightweight and have a seat that sits very low to the ground.   Toddlers have no problem sitting on and maneuvering a balance bike.  Since these kids bikes weigh less than half the weight of most pedal bikes, it’s not hard for children under two to control the bicycle.

The low seat is designed to allow kids to put both feet flat on the ground.  They then push with their feet to propel the bike forward.  The principle is very similar to a child’s scooter.  Push with your feet to gain momentum and then balance.  Most kids will quickly pick up the ability to balance themselves in just a few rides.  It comes very naturally.

Compare that to the experience most kids have when they learn to ride with training wheels.  It’s no surprise that learning to ride a bike is considered such a major milestone in a child’s life.  Using training wheels, it’s hard to do!  The experience terrifies many young children and some kids never even learn to ride at all. 

Imagine the pleasure of seeing your child master balance and steering effortlessly without fear and do it years before most kids even try. 

Some parents worry that a balance bike will lose its usefulness too quickly.  However, because the bikes are light, small and fun to ride – most kids keep on riding their balance bike for a few years.  Mastering balance early has all types of benefits including improved performance in sports and better equilibrium in your senior years.

Every parent feels a sense of pride when their child learns to ride a bike, but for some the journey can be frustrating.  A balance bike removes the fear and anxiety a kid can go through when learning to ride a bike and allows them to master the skills naturally.  That’s a wise investment.

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